Saturday, April 18, 2015

A small ICW photo essay

I don't have very many pictures of the last few days because the weather has been so bad that I haven't wanted to risk my camera. These pictures are the few that I have been able to grab in between rain showers. Unfortunately, the light hasn't been very conducive to good photos but if you really want to see what the ICW is like, then I guess these are pretty accurate.

The anchorage at Bull Creek is a new favorite. We would like to see it in October when the leaves change colors.

I took this while cooking breakfast as we were underway. This is what you see out the galley port mile after mile.

One of the many swing and bascule bridges that we have to call to open.

You see all kinds of houses on the ICW from multiple million dollar ones to these middle range ones to, yes, trailer parks.

You can't trust the charts. Use your eyes. We were actually in the middle of the channel when I took this one
One of the few breaks we got from the rain today but the next storm was on the horizon already.

This mud was about a half of a boat length from our boat. The channel is very very narrow in some places.

We saw a lot of this view today.

One of the more interesting houses we saw today.

When we got to the Mile Hammock anchorage at Camp LeJuene, the wind totally died. it was stunning.

One of the 20 or so boats anchored with us at Mile Hammock

The reflections of the sunset on the water
A fish jumped and left ripples

It started to get fuzzy as son as the sun went behind the clouds. I expect there will be fog in the morning.

This panorama was so awesome that I put the full size up. Scroll to see the whole thing.


LatnLong said...

What wonderful pictures. Brings back fond memories of our trip down and up the ditch.

Duff said...

Amazing photos. I am looking forward to taking my time and investigating the ICW. Wish I was there now.

SailFarLiveFree said...

Great photos and very informative, even without a lot of writing.