Thursday, March 19, 2015

Green Turtle Picture Post

A collection of pictures from Green Turtle Cay, Donnie's Docks, and the Manjack / Crab Cay anchorage.

A pirate ship anchored in Black Sound next to Donnie's Docks and there was a guy dressed up as a pirate on it. Our grandsons would have gone simply bonkers over this.

Black Sound  in Green Turtle from Donnie's Docks

This jelly fish floated by our boat. Not sure what type it is because it's not in my nature book.

The azaleas in New Plymouth at Green Turtle Cay are amazing.
An interesting cat ketch we saw in the harbour at New Plymouth on Green Turtle

This was taken through 3 feet of water from the surface. It's impossible to describe how clear the water is here.

There was no wind on our way out of Green Turtle. This is 13 feet deep water.
There are hundreds of catamarans everywhere down here.

Can't see the anchor in this picture? Yeah. That's why we love our Mantus anchor.

We took a dinghy exploration trip up a creek that runs between Manjack and Crab Cays. We were tol there were a bunch of green turtles up there and we were not disappointed. We saw over a dozen of them, but they moved too fast to catch on film. There is one hiding in one of these pictures if you can find him.

We motored all the way to the end of the creek in the mangroves and then drifted back with oars in the quiet.
At the very end there was this small pond with a 43 foot sailboat. It must be a centerboard with shallow draft because the creek is less than 3 feet deep even at high tide in some places.

And the weirdest thing to ever find on a beach award goes to...the plastic piggy bank.

Not sure what these are either. I need a new guidebook!

Kintala at anchor in Manjack / Crab
This bird landed about 5 feet from Tim. He was very curious. Any takers on the type?

The water here still looks like modern art to me. This is clumps of sea grass through 2 feet of rippling water


Jeffrey Michals-Brown said...

I don't know birds, but the round thing with the "five-petalled" marking is a sand dollar shell. Relative of starfish, nearer relative of sea urchin. They're not only found in warmer waters, but closer to home, also.

Deb said...

Jeffrey I thought that at first but these are very thick, almost an inch, and any sand dollars I've ever seen were thin.

Unknown said...

It's a Bahamian sand dollar, you know, Inflation hit it!

Unknown said...

It is a sea biscuit.