Friday, March 6, 2015

A study of Bahamian water

One of the most interesting things about the Bahamas is the colors of everything, but particularly the water. I've tried to capture the turquoise color of the water but somewhere between the eye and the digital camera the color is changed. I've been experimenting with different exposures and maybe some day I'll get it, but in the mean time I've found the water here to be absolutely fascinating. Sometimes when the wind is low, the water takes on this "oily" look to it, almost like it's molten metal. There simply is no way to get this on film. Since we were sailing pretty slowly today I did some random shots, and some of my attempts to get this "oily" look actually don't even look like pictures, but rather paintings. Very very weird. Hope you enjoy. If "artsy fartsy" (as a good friend of mine likes to say) doesn't interest you, then standby for more beach pictures in a bit.


Unknown said...

Try using a polarized filter to capture your water shots.


S/V Via Bella said...

I love these pictures, Deb. I've read stories by other cruisers and they've described the water as looking 'greasy'. I wonder if this is what they mean. Sure wish I could print some of these on silk! --Nancy

Deb said...

UNicholas, this camera is literally falling apart so I won't be spending any money on it but I'll have to do that next camera. I it's tough to balance the need for a capable camera with the need for a durable one on a boat. So far the Fuji Finepix has been that balance.

Robert Salnick said...

Some of those should be hanging in a gallery, Deb. Good that you have the copyright notice on them! (But it could be cropped off...)

s/v Eolian

Deb said...

Nancy and Bob, thank you for the kind words. Bob, unfortunately if youre going to post pictures on the internet you have to accept that they're pretty much public property. I heard once that Google claims any material posted on their blogs belongs to them. You're right, though, that if someone is determined to steal the work, they will. I put these images out here to inspire others to dream. Anything I intend to publish in print doesn't go on the blog just in case.