Sunday, February 22, 2015

No Name Harbor Pics and Vids

 Since we're leaving for the Bahamas in the morning I thought I'd use up some of our data to give you full size pics from the last two days and a video. Enjoy!

Miami in the rear view mirror after leaving the Miami Marine Stadium

The little kid sailing class. It was howling 24 kts and these little kids were out in the middle of Biscayne Bay

We tacked back and forth across this charter Beneteau Sense 55. Tim was in love.

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club had their annual gala today. The boats were rafted up 5 deep on the wall at some point.

In all the times we've come to No-Name this is the first time we ever tied up to the wall for a day.

More party pics
Instead of the view from my galley window in a picture, tonight you get a video.


Sainted said...

Don' know, Tim, I think Kintala is probably a better sea boat. Those Benetaus are too flat forward, so they pound, and those big wide sterns make for some serious weather helm on the wind...

Mike Boyd said...

Have a safe and fun trip tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Harmony Escape, the Beneteau Sense, is My boat! Great pictures!

Deb said...

Margie - it was such a stunning boat we just had to take the photos. If you want the original high resolution copies I'm sure I still have them. Contact me through the blog contact form.