Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Purge # 3

We're going through the boat in project mode which usually means moving stuff around a lot which, in turn, means being tired of moving things around that we never use which, in turn, means wanting to get rid of some more stuff.

So what does this mean to you? It means I have a really terrific deal on a Marine stereo that we bought and decided not to install for various reasons. It's brand new in the box and you can get the details here or also in the sidebar top right of the blog. If you're interested, email us at svkintall att gmail dott com.

Sorry but this stereo is sold pending payment. If the deal falls through I'll remove this note.

Stay tuned for more listings...


Alex Rooker said...

We have our downsize items stored in a unit at oriental while boat maintenance is done to our Gemini catamaran.

Bet we purge again as we try to organize and load the boat for the fall trip to Dinner Key.

What to do with those three pairs of favorite shoes........LoL ???

Deb said...

@Alex - Sure hope to finally meet you guys this fall in Dinner Key. We need to have a nice dinner somewhere together and lament the boat maintenance process!