Monday, May 12, 2014

A different kind of sound

For the last 7 days the wind here has been howling 15-25 day and night, enough to keep you from taking the dink anywhere, enough to keep the pumpout boat firmly tied to the dock, enough to wake you up at night with the wave and rigging noise. Enough already!! So it was with great pleasure that I accepted an invitation to go to dinner and an orchestra presentation with our friends Katrina and Keith Greenwood of Happy Dance for an evening of beautiful, not grating or annoying sound.

The free concert was put on by the Alhambra Orchestra, a community orchestra located in the Miami area that is committed to encouraging the love of music. Their mission statement from their website reads:

To present live classical music in Miami-Dade County at little or no cost to our patrons, to promote music education, and to provide the opportunity for amateur and professional musicians to continue a lifelong study and performance of classical music.

The conductor, Zoe Zeniodi was one of the most engaged conductors I've had the pleasure of watching in a long time. The evening was one of obscure composers with a strong German theme, along with a few numbers accompanying a soloist, Hubert Wild, a baritone who flew in from Germany specifically for this concert. 

It was a wonderful evening, a respite from the boat sounds which I usually love but not quite in the concentration I've been receiving lately.

Here is one of the more unusual numbers for your listening pleasure. Keep in mind that this was taken with a Droil Razr Maxx HD so even though it's better than most phone videos, it's still not a good quality video.

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