Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thanks, we needed that ...

Dawn at Hatchet Bay

Not too many people leaving this morning
Kintala dropped off the mooring ball at 0720. By 0733 we were through the inlet. At 0750 the jib and main were full and pulling hard; the WesterBeast was excused from further duty. As usual we were pretty hard on the wind, but this time the waves were a gentle two feet max with very little roll. Kintala put her port shoulder into the perfect blue water as Deb coaxed the wind vane to working flawlessly. For nearly eight hours a bit of perfection visited our little planet and centered itself on a lone Tartan 42 making her way southwest from Hatchet Bay. It hung around for nearly eight hours. During that time the only task was adding the stay sail to hold us a bit tighter on the wind. A minor thing since, this time, I was smart enough to rig the sail while still on the mooring this morning. The iPad cranked out some newly acquired Mountain with Crosby, Stills, and Nash offering a bit of balance to Lesli West's harder guitar riffs. We munched on crackers and cheese for lunch.

Bye Bye best dinghy dock ever...
By 1425 the winds had faded so the WesterBeast was put back to work pushing the boat, charging the batteries, and warming a bit of water the evening's shower. 1650 saw the hook set in a small gaggle of four boats anchored on the south side of Rose Island near Nassau. The deck monkey (that would be me) settled in with a large Rum & Coke and offered a heart felt "Thank You" to the setting sun.

And I remembered, THIS is why we came this way!

Leaving the 90ft cut in much more settled weather than we came in!

Sunset over Nassau from Rose Island
Sunset over Nassau from Rose Island

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Rharriscpa said...

Sounds like the perfect day. Enjoy and fair winds be with you as you head this way.