Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guest Picture Post

As we've mentioned in previous posts, our friend Kacey is here to visit with us for a couple weeks. He happens to have an awesome new camera that I've been drooling over ever since he got here, and he's been making good use of it so far this trip. I thought I would post some of his pictures here in a guest post so you could see what a brandy-new Nikon Cool Pix is capable of. This camera is several steps above my Fuji that I detailed awhile back and costs about twice as much. While many of the features are similar, there are quite a few more that the extra money gets you. It's still light and easy to hold, with a good rubberized grip, and comes with a <gasp> 60X optical zoom, the source of most of my drooling. So here you go, enjoy.

Charlotte to Nassau

Charlotte to Nassau

Nassau Harbor Club Marina

Kintala at Nassau Harbour Club Marina. The East Channel Anchorage is in the background
Nassau Harbour Club Marina

Nassau Harbour East Channel Anchorage

Kintala in Nassau Harbour Club Marina

Captain hard at work

All kinds of unique boats in Nassau
The Paradise Island bridges in Nassau Harbour

Wooo Hooooo! 72 feet clearance finally!

Some of the many unique houses that line the Nassau Harbour

Departing Nassau 4-27-14

One of the casinos on Paradise Island
Cruise anyone?
Off Watch

There are many restaurants along the harbour. They love to take American money.
The perfect boat for our friend Bill and Pam and Spiro
A floating house along the shores of Nassau Harbour

Another boat anchored with us in Chub Cay

One of many ubiquitous lighthouses in the Bahama

Sapona wreck. A great place to snorkel

A stormy sunset at Bimini

The scifi sunset at Bimini
We both took literally hundreds of pictures of this sunset. It was one of the most amazing ones we've ever seen.

Looking from Brown's Marina out into the Bimini Harbour Channel

Money money everywhere

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