Friday, March 7, 2014

Buns, blueberries and bars

The day began today with intermittent heavy rain showers and the wind blew a pretty steady 20 knots or better. Our dock neighbors on the Valiant 40 next to us mentioned a few days ago that they would enjoy a bread making refresher course, both of them having made bread a long time ago but not recently and never on a boat. It was a good bread making day since it had cooled off as a result of the cold front and the heat of the oven wouldn't feel overwhelming. We had an enjoyable afternoon mixing, kneading, chatting, roll shaping, chatting, and smelling the heady aroma of baking loaves, all the while making new friends. Shortly after sending them to their boat with a paper bag of warm crusty buns, they returned with a jar of genuine Maine blueberry jam, which was promptly slathered on the fresh buns along with some melting butter. Yum. Not long after, we headed into town for the Friday cruiser gathering at the New Plymouth Liquor store and cafe. On Fridays, cruisers gather there, buy a bottle of their favorite beverage and the bar provides the glasses. Fifty or more people squeeze into a space that I'm sure would be designated for about 15 by US occupancy inspectors, and a raucous fun time was had by all. It was one of those wonderful cruiser days of lazy enjoyment in a neat place and I find myself very thankful this evening for being the luckiest people in the world.

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Unknown said...

We also really enjoyed Green Turtle. Is sounds like you are have fun and meeting a lot of nice cruisers . We wish we were there! Keep posting, we love reading them.
Brian and Shelly