Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Semi famous ...

Kintala is second from the left

We moved the boat again today. It wasn't much of a move so, probably, this will not be much of a post. What we did was relocate into No Name Harbor for the night. On the one hand it seemed kind of silly to pay $20 to drop anchor in some water just a few hundred yards from water in which one can drop an anchor for free. On the other, well, it seemed a bit weird to come all this way and not spend at least one night in the semi-east-coast-cruiser-type-famous No Name Harbor. Also, the next cold front is supposed to stall right over us sometime tonight or tomorrow. It doesn't look like it will amount to much. But there are some storm clouds north and I will sleep better tonight tucked away as we are. I don't know that I will sleep $20 worth of better, but I will if a storm sweeps through here at O-Dark-Midnight.

And the fact is No Name Harbor has its charm. I kind of like the place. Next to us, rafted up, are two boats who plan to leave tonight, heading for the Bahamas. Another, just off the bow, is heading to Mexico. Several of the boats hailed us, recognizing Kintala from other ports of call in the last few months, as we did them. There is a covered pavilion over looking Biscayne Bay, a modest laundry, a free pump-out, and a bar. I suspect, as close as we are to Coconut Grove and Miami, that come Friday night this place will be a mad house of noise and drunken antics. All of which would all add up to a lot less charm. But for a Wednesday mid-week visit, all in all, kind of cool.

I really do plan on doing something useful to the boat sometime in the morning. Then maybe we will do a bit more sailing, spend a night on the hook in some clear water south of here, do a little swimming, feel bad for friends and family in the midwest freeze locker. But that is tomorrow. For tonight we are anchored in No Name Harbor, semi-east-coast-cruiser-type-famous place.

Looking like a real cruiser - beach towels, hammock and everything :)

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