Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nature's Design

One of the most fascinating things about living on a boat is that you are in nature. You can't escape it by closing your front door, drawing the curtains and turning on the heat or air depending on the weather. As a result, we end up spending a lot of time observing it. Being also the mother-in-law of an artist and artistically inclined myself, I've been interested in the colors and patterns that seem to present themselves in nature and that so many people seem to miss.

Watching the progression of colors as the sun sets is surely one of the most time-honored cruiser pastime.

When I was working I rarely had time to notice the detail of the clouds in a sunset.
As the sun dips behind the clouds the blues and purples begin to show.
The water even seems purple at this point.

Earlier in the day Tim commented about how the water almost looked "leaden". It occasionally gets this oily, almost thick look to it. I tried to capture it but it's very difficult to catch the look in a picture. This was during the fog at the beginning of the day.

When the sun hits the water around here, the turquoise color is unbelievable and it changes every few minutes depending on the angle of the sun and the thickness of the clouds overhead.

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