Monday, February 3, 2014


We enjoyed walking through Coconut Grove last night looking for ice cream. It reminded us a lot of the Central West End of St. Louis where we used to live, but it was time to go today. The Dinner Key mooring field has 225 moorings and at least that many boats at anchor, in addition to another hundred or so at a local yacht club. There are boats and dinghies zooming all over the place, launch boats picking up people, pumpout boats doing their thing, power boats racing up the bay, and a bunch of dogs barking. Oh, and it's directly under the approach for Miami International.

It. Is. Loud.

This afternoon we dropped the mooring pennants and threaded our way through dinghy races across the bay to an anchorage outside the famous No-Name Harbor. It is quiet and the water is calm since we're protected here from the East wind. The silence is palpable and oh so very welcome.

Do you think this cormorant picked this boat on purpose from which to hunt for its lunch?

Our friend John's boat on a mooring near us in the Dinner Key mooring field

Dodging dinghy racers

Miami in the rear-view mirror

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