Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Visitors from afar

I don't think I'm getting any better at taking group selfies...
Today shortly before lunch a big black truck pulled into the parking lot at the Vero Beach City Marina and two of our very favorite people tumbled out into the "Sunshine" State's offering of 25° wind chills. Not as bad as St. Louis or Iowa City where my kids and grandkids reside, but still cold enough without a heater on board. The visitors were our adopted "marina kids" from Carlyle Lake, and they had driven all the way across the state from their vacation spot  on the West Coast of Florida just to see us. We had a brief walk to the beach (brrrrr), a wonderful beach view table for lunch, followed by a very wet dinghy ride to sit out the afternoon on Kintala hashing out future cruising plans and boat projects. It was really great to see some familiar faces and to spend some time laughing. After a dose of homemade pizza they had to take off and head back. Too short of a visit, but it really reinforced the idea that among all the wonderful new people we've met so far while cruising, it's still really great to see a familiar face once in awhile.

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Joel and Emily said...

I just now realized you have the recipe for the pizza on your cruising comfort site! SWEET!!!!!!I will have emily get on it! I mean....I will help her make pizza. super tasty. thanks again! hopefully see you in a few months :)