Sunday, January 19, 2014

Luck gets a little help

I remember thinking yesterday, after we figured out where Kintala was and climbing on board, that whoever had made her secure knew exactly what they were doing. There was something about how the fenders where placed and the lines run that said, "Expert". Then there was the fact she had dragged through and settled into this impossibly tight space with nary a scratch. Of course there was a huge amount of luck involved, but it seemed obvious that luck had gotten a little help. That turned out to be more true than I first suspected.

This morning while I was doing a little house cleaning out in the cockpit I found a note we had missed yesterday. It was clipped to the bottom of our dodger,

"You boat dragged. It didn't hit anything. We got on board and tied it here. Sean. Capt SIRENUSE.

"SIRENUSE" is the mega yacht that was tied just of Kintala's stern. Her Captain and another crew member had jumped on our little (to them) sailboat and saw her safely to rest. They don't know us. Indeed, we are part of the tribe that I suspect mega yacht Captains find a bit irritating at times. (Like yesterday maybe, too stupid to safely anchor a boat in a inland river with barely 2 feet of tide and only a minor current.) But they jumped on board anyway and put their professionalism and expertise at Kintala's, and our, disposal. It doesn't get any more impressive than that.

We took the dinghy to SIRENUSE this morning to offer our thanks, along with a bottle of spirits. No one seemed to be home though, I have to admit, I'm not exactly sure just how one goes about announcing one's presence to a mega yacht. I've never actually been that close to one before. We left the bottle, a note, and a boat card. We can see SIRENUSE from where we are now, so perhaps we'll get a chance to thank them personally before we go. I hope so.

In any case, if you happen to be driving a boat in these parts and spot a big, shiny mega yacht name SIRENUSE headed your way down some narrow river, don't worry. Kintala will vouch for the fact that her Captain knows exactly what he is about.


Geoff said...

Sirenuse is for sale - check it out, classic 125 Feadship, if it is the same one - asking $5M. Looks the captain really knows his stuff - the boat is spotless with an engine room to envy

Unknown said...

I too had to google Sirenuse, found this video.

a photo of Capt. Sean is in the credits at the end.