Monday, January 20, 2014

Ft. Lauderdale walkabout

Since the weather will hold us on the boat tomorrow and Wednesday we decided today would be walkabout day. We needed to scope out a laundromat and the post office, something easier to do while not lugging 4 loads of laundry. We landed the dink in George English Park at their very nice dinghy docks (Hollywood has something to learn from Ft. Lauderdale) and walked to the intersection. To the right was the laundromat and the post office, to the left...the beach and the ice cream store. So the laundry will wait.

Along the way we saw an iguana that was very shy but we managed to get a few pictures for the grandkids to ooh and ahh over. I also need to do some homework on these things because they're everywhere around here. We couldn't get too close, but they appear to have some sort of pouch under their chin that they blow up with air when they are upset, which he clearly was with our attempt to get close. He put on quite a show, diving into the water and climbing up this tree.

Walking across the Sunrise Blvd bridge toward the beach we looked down on more examples of the money in this place. There are so many of these really large yachts of 150ft + that after awhile you really begin to look at them as normal. It was also interesting to be on the bascule bridge looking down at where we usually are in the boat.
It is a completely different perspective.

A 3/4 mile walk and voila! we were looking out at clear turquoise water, palm trees, and white sand. We took advantage of modern technology and Skyped the kids from the beach so they could see the beautiful water. It was a bit of torture for them I think, though, because the temp is in the teens in both St. Louis and Iowa City where the girls live, and the wind is supposed to blow 35 gusting to 45 between tonight and tomorrow night. Tim says we'll know that we're "there" when we can snorkle off the boat into water this clear.


sailingaway said...

Steve and Dorothy just crossed into S Carolina. Coming down in Sister ship Marigot.

Deb said...

Congrats Steve and Dorothy! I'm surprised to see this since I had the feeling you had more work you were trying to get done but very happy for you. Maybe we'll see you down here somewhere. Hope you're staying warm.

Pat and Joan said...

You know you can eat iguana? Look up how to cook on the net. In case you run out of fish. The high here Thursday is 15 so take more pictures.
Pat and Joan