Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cruising Costs Links

I thought I had done a post on this once before but I can't seem to find it so I thought I would actually post links to sites of cruisers who have graciously listed their cruising costs in a new sidebar. Let me know if you ever find any links that don't work anymore, or if you find one that you think should be added. I will update it periodically and as soon as we have 6 months of our own data I will be posting ours.


Unknown said...

gonne be interesting where you guys will stack up. I told you earlier, that some folks are really trying to portrait that it is so cheap to cruise, it seems to be a competition, who can do it for the least money. ( Those are the former owners of some of those derelict boats you saw earlier in your trip) If I read 18 dlr for restaurants and 4 dlr for booze and beer for a MONTH, I can only shake my head in disbelief.

Pat and Joan said...

Thanks for putting those out there. The links all worked for us. Nice to be able to frame up what we might need. Usually we get the answer "All that you have."
Pat and Joan

Unknown said...

TJ, Deb

I was looking on your site and found the table that TJ built that is mounted on the bulkhead wall. How is it working out? Can you send me the dimensions of the table folded out. I think I would like to copy your idea.



Deb said...

Tom -

I've been working on converting our Boat Notebook tab to a projects tab and have begun to assemble the details to our most popular projects there. They are by no means complete but it's a start. In the table post I linked to all the posts about it and one of the has the dimension drawings on it. I can email you the high res pics of the drawings if you send me your email to svkintala att gmail dott com.

Deb said...

@Thorsten - you are so right about that. A lot of the figures I see are pretty unreasonable. We will continue to see lower amounts in our expenditures as we figure this out. A lot of our marina expense came from inexperience in picking out anchorages, and marina expenses are our biggest budget item that we didn't prepare for. After 6 months we'll post an average for everyone.