Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas gifts

Two of Santa's Helpers had Mom and Dad fire up the dink to bring Reindeer cookies by Kintala this afternoon ... with the wind gusting past 20 knots and white water in the mooring field. Friends whose tranny came a cropper a few days ago caught up with us as well, wrestling their big Hunter onto a mooring ball just a couple of boat lengths away from us in those same winds. They stopped by for drinks and to share some advice about getting further south. And we had skype visits will all the Daughters 3 and grand kids 7 today. It was a pretty good Christmas day for our first one as cruisers; wind and rocking boat notwithstanding.

The weather forecast for the next several days isn't encouraging so, come morning, I think we are going to flog the ICW a bit more, see if we can't find some that is more to our liking. This is Florida after all, surely there is some warm weather around here somewhere. If Vero Beach is under the keel in 10 days or so we may get the chance to spend time with friends vacationing from Carlyle. And maybe Vero Beach will have sunshine. (It should be noted that it was 80 degrees in St. Augustine less than 48 hours ago - which turned out to mostly a tease.) We need to find some sunshine for, to tell the truth, this return of cold, wet, and wind has just about sucked all the motivation for doing boat work completely out of both of us. But the boat work still needs done. Somewhere in the next couple of hundred miles we will need to pick a place to spend the winter; someplace not too expensive; someplace close to parts and possible maintenance support. Part of the fun is not knowing where that someplace is ... yet.


Rharriscpa said...

Come on down to Vero there would be minimal wind in the mooring area at best. No whitecaps or swells. The weather yesterday was a average 78. Mooring balls are $13.90 showers and wifi. Calm like a lake to take dink in to dock. Bus service around town is easy. Plus you get a free dinner on me. If you get here before 1/4. I have never done ICW between Melbourne and Moorhead City but if I had to guess you won't have many bridges that open to deal with. None between Vero and northern Melbourne for sure.

Deb said...

We just might make it in time to take you up on that offer! The mooring sounds great. That's why they call that place Velcro Beach, no?

Rharriscpa said...

OuĂ­ . Keep me posted would love to see you.