Sunday, December 15, 2013

Any port in the storm

Yet another cold front, yet another long night of thunderstorms with wind gusts near 40, tornado watches and warnings, heavy rain, and low visibilities. The ugly started ramping up late yesterday morning and didn't start to fade until around 0430 this morning. The highlight of the evening was having one of the crew-less boats drag completely through the anchorage and fetch up against the Charleston's Mega-Dock (you could look it up) a scant 100' or so behind the $9.5 million, 150 foot, super yacht Francine. Yikes. A little later a 40 power boat wandered in out of the rain and worked at dropping a hook, finally getting it to hold on the fourth try. She now rides placidly off our starboard side looking none-the-worse for the trip.

The rusty steel ketch in the center is the anchor dragger

Aside from the dragging boat (which fortunately didn't get anywhere near Kintala), riding out the weather on the hook was much less harrowing than was the night in Oriental. It must be admitted the Oriental front was much worse; but either way it makes for a long night. Back in Carlyle cold fronts would often be as mean or meaner, and moved much faster. Their assault could be vicious but short lived, then you could call the cops or the medics as needed. Here on the ICW the fronts methodically beat on you for hours on end. It is an entirely different experience.
A different way to Christmas carol...

I can't say I enjoy either one.

The frontal passage has brought a forecast of a nice weather window for the next several days, with winds out of the west and north at 5 to 15 knots and waves 3 feet or less. It seems like a good chance to jump outside, put up some sail, settle in for 40 hours or so and not come back in until FL is off the starboard side. Here soon we will head to a dock to load fuel and water, unload some “used” water, do some laundry, maybe take a long shower, eat well, sleep good then, in the morning, be ocean sailors again.

I hope Kintala agrees. We'll see.


Unknown said...

This is a big milestone for you guys, I know you have been looking forward to this. You have worked hard to get Kintala ready, now she is ready to take care of you. Enjoy the run.

Hello Florida!!

Rharriscpa said...

Hope you still plan to make a stop in Vero Beach. I would love to treat you to dinner. Fair winds and safe travels. Nice to see you may get to sail some.

Unknown said...

Should bea great rip down the coast to Florida.