Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's on the menu today

Since today was an thrilling cruising day of laundry, pumping out, and cleaning, I'll leave you instead with a Cruising Comforts post for what's on the menu today:


Jeff Lovett said...

Just caught up on your blog and discovered your in Oriental,NC. Please let us know if you stop in Beaufort or Morehead City. It would be great to meet you both.

C'est la Vie
Anne & Jeff

SailFarLiveFree said...

Looks like great lasagna...nice and thick! Is the bread made aboard the boat too?

Deb said...

@Ann & Jeff - don't know when or where we're going next. Still waiting on parts. Please email your phone # so we can contact you svkintala att gmail dott com

@Kevin - the bread is usually made on the boat (the recipe is on the Cruising Comforts site) but this was organic bread bought from The Food Emporium here in town. Best soup ever there by the way.