Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oriental Walk-about

 It feels like we are far enough south to not be quite so pushed by the weather.  It can get cold here in Oriental, but it isn't that common. If a good chill does come along shore power is available for the little heater stored under the berth.  So Kintala has come to a short break in her travels while we catch up on a little boat work.  There is a complete engine / drive train service to perform, some leaks that need relocated to less obvious places, and the outboard that is still just a decoration on the stern rail.

The main reason for stopping here though isn't boat work.  Oriental is one of the places on our list of places we wanted to see.  Not sure why actually since, in many ways, it is just another little "water town" along the ICW and the coast.  There were several others along the way that looked equally inviting; Reedville sounded like an interesting place, Norfolk deserved more than a one-night stay, Coinjock deserved at least a one-night stay.  But Oriental was (other than Norfolk) the only one we had ever heard of before starting out, and stuck in our pre-cruiser minds as a place cruisers go.

About the only good use for an outboard...
It has not been a disappointment.  Each day there is time for a walk-about, a stroll past the commercial area, and a visit to the water front park.  (Not sure why that is so much fun since the boat is about as "front" as one can get.)  There have been conversations with dozens of people, old-time cruisers, newbies just like us, store operators, coffee shop proprietors, and the folks who run the marina.  We have been checked out by the senior dogs in town (one who sits in the middle of the road as the cars all ease around him).  Deb has met the cat who runs the marina.  There is a chance this will be one of those "second homes" that cruisers seem to find; a place to visit more than once where one knows the lay of the land.

Maybe not, we are still really new at this and Oriental (other than Annapolis) is the first place we have really stopped to explore.  This is how we live now, and it is good living.

The derelict boat in the harbor

Coffee Meter: 10
What's on the menu: seared Ahi tuna steak from Toucan Bar and Grill

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