Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Last night the anchorage across from Kintala was pretty full.  For the last couple of days it seemed a boat or two more came in then left.  Understandable, it has been pretty windy with the Neuse looking less than inviting once in a while. 

This morning it was empty.  From the next creek over Friends Nancy and David headed out as well.

It was all a tad depressing.  Then the clouds and rain moved in, and nightfall came too early.  (I find daylight savings time to be anything but.  How can we be saving daylight when it gets dark at 5:07 PM?)  All a tad more depressing.

Staying put to work on the boat, getting the motor squared away as much as possible while not dumping fuel in the bilge, that just has to be a good idea.  Getting the outboard running has to be a good idea.  Ditto fixing some leaks.  And the fact is, with fuel parts missing, Kintala couldn't go anywhere regardless.  On a good day we can sail off the anchor; no way could we sail out from between these piers, pivot around, miss the other boats, and make it out of the harbor.  But the fact that such a thought occurs at all?  Yeah, I wish we were back on the move.

Instead the inside of the boat stinks of diesel and old oil.  Changing the fuel filter turned into a hour long ordeal - one must take the fuel filter assembly completely off the engine, disassemble it to change the filter element, then reassemble and reinstall.  Are you kidding me?  At least the oil filter was a bit easier to change, what with the fuel line that normally blocks access to it removed.  (That's the one we are replacing.)  Tranny and v-drive fluid tomorrow, the other fuel filter, zincs ... an easy day of puttering then a wait for the new parts.

I wish we were back on the move.


Pat and Joan said...

While you work on the boat, after moving a good portion south and all that after everything that happened this summer. We sit here on the edge of the plains working on the house, raking leaves and hoping that the house will be on the market soon. In the mean time you are moving toward the islands, Veranda is close by and Honey Ryder has her bow pointed south east with a 100 others. We can hardly read the blogs from this point out as it is really no fun. Enjoy the stay and enjoy the trip.

TJ said...

You are right of course, we are very lucky to be out here bumbling along as best we can. But this isn't like a vacation. Veranda has forged far ahead and Honey Ryder has made it to big water. Kintala sits at a pier (granted, in a very nice place) waiting on parts. We will follow when we can ... and so will you. When you get here I promise there will be things you miss from there. Enjoy them while you have the chance.

Bill K said...

Isn't there some way you can reroute the fuel line so it is easier to change the fuel filter ?

Bill Kelleher

Latitude 43 said...

Well you can always think of SV Kelly Nicole. We are sitting on our asses in Jax watching everyone go by. Still beats snow :)

S/V Veranda said...

We're sorry to hear that you're having issues. We had to replace a transmission years ago in Oriental. We even had to cobble 2 separate flywheels together to make 1 usable one. We didn't leave there until December. You'll be fixed in no time with the boat being better than it was 2 weeks ago. The ocean is only 22 miles away and you'll be knocking miles off in no time....