Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Still floating along

The sun has set meaning Kintala is into her third night on the water. The bilge pump hasn’t offered a murmur of protest so me thinks it safe to say we are back to where we were a couple of weeks ago. I don’t want to wax too enthusiastic lest the fates be tempted to bite us on the butt once again; but for now we will turn our attentions to matters less traumatic than “the boat is sinking and the rudder is about to fall off.”

Among those matters are new life lines. The old ones were plastic covered steel wire, tired, and (big surprise) so poorly installed that they were more likely “take your life” lines. At the bow pulpit all four attach points had pins that were too short; so the safety rings were being ground through. The top port side had already failed. Any sailor working forward on a dark and stormy night, who grabbed that line for support, would likely have been tossed directly into Davy Jones’ Locker. Ah well, another potential disaster averted; this could be called a good day. (Ed: Pictures will be forthcoming of the lifelines.)

In fact, any day one gets to watch a 1903, 66’ Lawley lifted from the water, could be called a good day. Witchcraft will sit on her stands for just a day or so while she gets some new bottom paint. Her current owner allowed me aboard to take a peek and she is just as impressive as one would imagine. What I can’t imagine is the amount of effort it takes to keep her in such good shape. Our 1982, 42’ Tartan has just about done me in; both effort and money wise. Witchcraft would surly burry me deep in an unmarked grave after leaching the last bit of life out of the marrow of my bones.

Still, honesty compels me to admit that Kintala is a much happier boat than she was a few days ago. Floating with her rig up the decks feel stiffer underfoot, she squeaks less, doors latch, and hatches move with little effort. Tomorrow the rig will be tuned up and the deck sealed around the mast. (Apparently chocking the mast is so 1980s.) That may tighten her up even more. I hope it is a long, long time before she sits on the hard without her rig again.


Matt Mc. said...

We are happy to be excited for Uncle Tim even if he can't bring himself to be!

Unknown said...

very cool ..... Now. If you look at other boats , You NEVER talk about them on Kintala..... No wonder the boat hates you afterwards :-)

CU in Annapolis :-)

Deb said...

@ Matt - he's getting there slowly. We're close to having a boat we can take you sailing on so we must be making progress!

@ Thorsten - can't wait to see you guys!