Monday, October 7, 2013


Some hard rain today added a bit more to the work list. Which is something totally expected when it comes to Kintala. The good thing about leaks is they can't be chased right away, not with rain still falling. We know where they lurk and will be gunning for them soon; but there was work to be done inside where it was much dryer than out. Not that I didn't get wet walking back and forth to the workshop. But I have to say again how cool it is that the good folks at Oak Harbor have given us pretty much free access to tools and the shop when it comes to working on the boat. We would be hard pressed getting underway without them.

So after a day spent rebuilding the ex-air-conditioning now clothes / Sailright / vacuum cleaner locker, it came time to visit family. The rain had settled down to a drizzle when the Z car joined the on ramp to 100 west, wiggled, broke free, looped around 540 degrees, backed into the mud, momentarily went airborne, landed back in the mush, finished the second circle and came to a rest in the ditch, nose pointed in the original direction of travel. We spuged in soft enough that the airbags stayed bagged with the only obvious damage a minor sprain to my already questionable right wrist. After the tow truck dragged us back up on the road, (in full view of three county police cars who stopped by check on us) the Z car fired up and we drove it to the car wash. At first it appeared there was "no harm, no foul". But as the mud washed away some pretty good scuffs and scratches appeared where we backed into the brush plowing mud and shedding speed.

I can't even remember the last time I dinged a four wheel ride (bikes are another matter). Now I've managed to "air car" the Z just days before we take it in to sell it. This little off-road, stupid-driver-trick will surely take a grand or more out of the cruising kitty; a kitty which has been taking a pretty good beating of its own as of late.


Then again ... A chance meeting at Tradewinds at Carlyle Lake in IL led to us staging out of Oak Harbor. Oak Harbor is the place to be if a boat needs all new standing rigging. The hull leak caused by 2 months on the hard and an overland truck haul uncovered the poor repair and failing rudder bearing. Pulling the rudder gave us the opportunity to overhaul the steering system. The weather has been spot on perfect with even the rain coming at a good time to ferret out some leaks. We have been surrounded by new friends and endless encouragement. And now I've managed a double loop in the Z on a rain slick road, landed it in a ditch, had it hauled out on the end of a winch, and drove away with only minor dings to car and crew.

I'm not a big believer in "luck". I see no evidence that the universe is a benign place where things work out for the best. To me, good people working hard toward a common goal is the fount of all good fortune and "luck" is much more likely in a life filled with companionship, compassion, love and laughter.

But even though the dice don't usually come up 7 just when you need a break ...

Sometimes they do.


Latitude 43 said...

Wow. Glad you guys are all right. The roads down here can be pretty slippery when wet, especially the off ramps. Take it slow Captain. No reason to be in a hurry anymore.

Ben & Terri said...

"The harder I work the luckier
I get."
(can't remember who)
Glad all are o.k.
B & T