Thursday, September 5, 2013

Countdown: Three Days

We did finally get a pickup date from the trucker - it's officially Monday the 9th. This leaves us a mere three days to get everything else done before he comes. While thinking about the transport, it occurred to us that we would have to take the hatch covers off and we still hadn't rebed the one over the V-berth yet so it would have leaked like a sieve had it rained. We spent the better part of the day scraping old sealant out and putting pretty new sealant in so hopefully it will hold this time.

Tomorrow we finish the wind vane control line installation and begin to pack up the lazarette and
reassemble the cockpit. Without a doubt, the wind vane project has been one of the more complicated projects we've undertaken on this boat, right up there with the table and the dodger, and the cockpit has been a disaster through the whole installation. It's going pretty well though and I'm getting eager to give it a try. The whole theory of wind vanes still has me a little mystified I admit. The idea that wind can not only power your movement, but direct it as well is an amazing thing.

Not a breath of wind this morning

On a sadder note, a sailing friend of ours found out today that he has a malignant tumor behind his right eye. It's a difficult piece of news, and it emphasizes for me, once again, the fragile nature of life. We have so little time to experience all this world has to offer, and I hope that maybe through our cruising some one of you might be encouraged to follow your dream as well, whatever form your dream might take.


S/V Veranda said...

We send prayers your friends way....

Amber said...

three days!
~ Catherine

TJ said...

I know, 3 days! I'm having a little trouble believing it myself.

S/V Via Bella said...

Hi Deb and Tim, We're looking forward to seeing you when you get to the Chesapeake. Have you heard the saying "going to windward at 65 mph"? This will be your fastest passage! We'll also be keeping your friend in our thoughts and prayers. --Nancy and David on Via Bella