Thursday, July 25, 2013

Who, me???

Two weeks ago Tim took on the task of trying to sort his tools into piles - one for those going on the boat, one for a box we were making for a friend of ours, and the rest to either sell or donate to Wings of Hope. You really have to appreciate the difficulty of this since he has two rolling Snap-on monstrosities that contain 36 years of aircraft wrenching. Shortly after he finished, he left for the boat and during his absence it was my job to clean the garage. On Wednesday he came home so as to be ready to sit for punishment in the dentist's chair Thursday, as we are trying to get all our dental work done while we still have insurance paying for at least part of it. When he left to go back to the boat he wanted to take the rest of the tools since he had finished the tool/parts crib, and upon lifting the blue plastic tub of tools he commented on the weight of it. "I might have added a few things," I said sheepishly. He merely raised an eyebrow.

This morning he told me that we just might have to purge the plier drawer, but I'm holding out.  I personally don't think a girl can have too many tools. What do you think?


Latitude 43 said...

It's a sad day when the tools go.

Unknown said...

You know youre going to toss the one you will need. Just saying. LOL

Deb said...

@Paul - yes, this has been the hardest part for Tim. I've been sure to sell them when he wasn't around. We are taking about half of all of them though so he should be OK :)

@John - you are absolutely right about that! As I stood there looking at the pile he didn't choose I was thinking, "Wait - I remember we had to use that for..." LOL

S/V Veranda said...

LOL...We've been carrying a combination square around for 8 years. Now I can't get rid of it because odds are its due to be used