Sunday, June 9, 2013

State of Balance

Karma, what-goes-around-comes-around, human interconnectedness on a quantum scale, dumb luck –
however it is described sometimes things just seem to work out in ways completely mysterious and unanticipated. This past weekend was TAPAS on the docks, one of my favorite celebrations on the Boulder Marina calendar. Boats get spruced up for show, good food is prepared, and friends gather together to walk the piers and peer at the boats. As it turned out someone the marina had invited St. Louis Sail and Paddle, the local sailboat dealer, to show off some of their stuff. The owners of the company brought a trailer full of stand-up paddle boards and a couple of sport sailing tri-hulls for people to play with. Deb and I tried both. The sailing tri was a hoot and Deb is a natural on a paddle board. I, on the other hand, feel far more comfortable on a motorcycle doing 160 MPH then I did on that board. And I proved it for all to see by taking a classic fall and making the largest splash of the day, the only one to fail at the stand-up board.

These good folks dropped by to visit Kintala and had nothing but nice things to say about our Tartan. When they found out that we are within weeks of pulling the trigger on being full-time, live aboard cruisers they offered their expertise. It turns out they sell sailboats up to 50 feet and know crane operators to un-step masts, have relationships with shippers, have worked with the lift operator that can pick up Kintala here at the lake before, and have rigging and shipping experts on staff. A one stop coordinator for arranging everything we need to arrange for getting on our way.  For me shipping a 42 foot sailboat one third of the way across the country is a daunting task. For them it is just another day in the office. The mountain facing me is that much smaller today.

Many friends are offering good advice, and some of it suggests we stay here in Carlyle until everything we can possibly get done on the boat before heading off gets done. The argument, and it is a good one, is that leaving now and spending two months on the hard in some East Cost Marina, or leaving here two months from now to splash in salt water almost as soon as we get there, adds up to splashing at nearly the same time.  I am reminded that spending time fixing things here is a lot cheaper than spending time fixing things there.  So basically we are talking about starting our living aboard life by living aboard in Carlyle for six to eight weeks. It is actually sounding like a pretty good idea.

More good ideas have come in about the V-drive. Parts should arrive on Tuesday. With any luck installation will be completed by Friday and Kintala will be operational once again.  We can get some more sailing time in while living on the boat in Carlyle and finishing what we can finish at the same time.  There is some small concern that we might get hung up a bit and not get on our way quickly but, truth to tell, all I want to do is get going. The mistake will be pulling out before it would be wise, not waiting too long. So tonight, even if it turns out to be a temporary condition, I am going to bask in the feeling that this whole plan is starting to come together, that there is a sense of balance settling in around “The Retirement Project”, and that we are really on our way. All because of a chance meeting at a Club Party.

How cool is that?


Bill K said...

Something to think about,
if you left now for the east or gulf coast it is hurricane season.

Bill Kelleher

Deb said...

You're right, but the main reason for doing it this way is that we're paying a quarter of the money to be on the hard here as we would in Annapolis, which is a consideration since we're not collecting paychecks. The disadvantage? No ocean view...

Sabrina and Tom said...

Things are coming together. Awesome!

S/v Honey Ryder

SV Pelagia said...

Welcome to "living aboard"! We just sold our condo (a little too fast), have done the great purge, and now are enjoying marina life.(Sorry for that, we do feel your pain in trying to get your condo sold!)

We too are staying put in home waters until August. One, for somewhat the same reason as you, it is easier to do work here (where we know the lay of the land). But, also, cruising in southern BC is wonderful so why leave early.

Enjoy home waters while you can (and get out before Winter).