Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The new table got a proper christening this weekend with Daughter Eldest and Family visiting for a few hours on Mother's Day. The day before Daughters Three, Son-in-Laws two, and grand kids seven had all gathered for a birthday party, that of Grand Daughter youngest turning three. The party was a great time, but the highlight of the day for Grampy-T (that would be me) was putting together a big sandbox kit as a birthday gift. Grand son eldest, all of five years old, helped with the build. That is misleading actually, since he assembled the main box pretty much all by himself - wielding a power screwdriver like an old pro.  My contribution was mostly holding wood parts in place and handing him screws. I am pretty sure I was taking things apart when I was five. But I am absolutely sure I wasn't putting anything together.

Though we were visiting at the boat we didn't make it out on the lake for several reasons. There were only a couple of hours at our disposal until we had to head back to the city for a Mother's Day dinner. Deb and I haven't been off the dock in Kintala for months and were not really comfortable taking two young ones and two non-sailing adults along for the first sail of the season. And Kintala isn't quite ready for the lake yet, mostly because of the drawer installation.

Both the table and the drawers drew rave reviews. Then again, I had informed all concerned that all I wanted to hear coming from the back cabin was a series of "Oooos" and "Ahhhs"; that any mention of minor imperfections were not going to be appreciated. I said it mostly in jest of course, but "Oooos" and "Ahhhs" were heard in abundance, some genuine and having to do with how smoothly the new drawer sliders work. Which is why Kintala isn't ready for the lake yet. They work so well that any heel to port will have them opening on their own. Deb and I are still exploring exactly what kind of locks we want to install - needing bullet proof latches that don't look like something off a barn door. In this case the internal finger-latches so popular on sailboats just don't seem hefty enough to do the job. But we will come up with something.

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