Monday, May 20, 2013


Note: If one is easily offended by the way adults sometimes talk in the real world, one might want to give this entry a pass. It is all in good fun and no offense is intended.

Our faithful crew, Joel and Emily
Kintala found her way off the dock an out onto the lake today. It was a perfect day with a perfect crew (Joel and Emily) and turned into a perfect sail. Alas, this being the Kintala / TJ dysfunctional relationship after all, it got off to a bit of a rough start. For you see, today's first sail of the season was supposed to be yesterday's first sail of the season.

Yesterday, as per our usual routine, Deb got the inside of the boat ready for travel while I prepped the deck. It took some time since I was trying to remember everything, but eventually we unhooked the AC power cord for the first time in months. A run through the engine pre-start check list and a twist of the key was rewarded with the sweet sound of a rumbling diesel gently chuffing water out the port side. The oil pressure was good, we were making amps, even the tachometer was working. All was well in my little marine world.

So why was my mechanic sense sparking, insisting that something was wrong? I stood for a minute at the helm listening, feeling, wondering if it was just a mild case of paranoia - this being the Kintala / TJ dysfunctional relationship - after all. There was no denying it, something was definitely wrong. But I had no clue how I knew or what it was. One thing I have learned though, when it comes to boats, evidence for nearly all really bad problems can be found in the bilge. And sure enough, lifting the floor board uncovered the water that was puking out of the outflow coupling from the exhaust can. Kintala was slowing pumping herself full of water with every stroke of the engine.


The coupling hose had split. Nothing for it but to button her up and head to town for parts. Since we were going that way anyway it seemed a good idea to get the proper part needed to finish up the drawer mod. I thought I had the right part. I even drilled the hole for the right part. Turned out it was the wrong part. Fortunately it was also the right hole for the right part and by the end of the day all was well with my little marine world once again.

So today we went sailing ... and it was perfect.

Back on the dock, now settled in bow pointed south for her summer time orientation, dock lines all re-laid, AC power cord re-routed, Kintala was a sailing vessel once again and not just a project boat. It was getting pretty hot though, so I popped downstairs to crank up the Air Conditioning, what with me going to be on the boat tonight and it also being too hot to sleep.



Allan S said...

"Bitch!" That sums it up nicely some days.

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