Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The big one that got away

A lot of cruisers spend time talking about fishing on their blogs. I used to fish as a kid with my dad and my personal best was an estimated 24" long walleye that weighed somewhere in the vicinity of 12 pounds that made it into the boat before flipping back out into the water on the other side after which the line promptly cut on the sides scratched from carrying the boat on the roof rack, and the fish departed with my favorite lure.

I hope to be able to catch some fish after we get to blue water, since the budgetary benefits are not to be denied, but if my luck in finding someone to bite on our condo sale is any indication, I probably better find good sources for chicken. We've had a very steady stream of showings on the condo since we listed it. Everyone gives it high marks on their after-showing survey - the price is right, it shows well, etc., but there's always some reason they don't want it. They want a single family home not a condo, they want a basement, they want it closer to the bars so they can drink and walk home (really???) and on and on ad nauseum. NPR tells me the housing market is coming back, that home prices have gone up 20% in most markets, and that the inventory is at a historical low. These are all good signs for us, but at the moment the only good sign I want to see is the S-O-L-D sign out front.

THEN maybe I'll be looking for my very own Cuban Yo-Yo hand reel.

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