Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tick √

We've had a couple good weekends making progress on projects and it's a real high (I know - we're nerds). Last weekend I got the pilot berth and both settee bottom cushions recovered, and this weekend I got the missing starboard 2 back cushions built and covered. All I have left to do is to build and cover the port backrest 2 cushions next weekend and I'll be able to tick this project off the list. It's been on the list maybe longer than any other single project so it will feel good to get it checked off. Even though I'm not quite done, I'm so happy with the results that I thought I'd pass them on for your approval. And yes, we agonized for weeks over the color choice of white, but after seeing so many other Tartan 42s with white cushions, and realizing how much it would lighten up the dark interior, we decided to take the plunge. We will, of course, be coating them with Scotchguard.

This is the before. The cushions were covered with a very expensive ultrasuede material, but was so poorly sewn that they came off every time you sat on them. I sure hope they didn't pay very much money for the labor. It was a real waste of excellent material. The blue was also too dark for the dark interior. The backrest cushions were never in the boat when we bought it. There were screw holes where the snap bases used to be to hold the cushions, but, like so many other things on this boat, they were missing. It was also impossible to get comfortable on the seats since the bottom cushion was too wide to lean back. You had to put a couple pillows behind you just to lean back to read a book. I decided to build two backrest cushions so we could easily access the storage lockers that you see here behind the settee.

This is the after. We may yet add the missing end cushions but I first have to finish the port side backrest cushions. For the time being we're using pillows there.

We have a saying that we used in our family with our kids when we were faced with a long or difficult project or list of projects: "Left foot, right foot". One at a time, little by little, but progress nonetheless.


Mike McGuire said...

I absolutely love that after photo. It's marvelous looking! I agree wholeheartedly with the lighter colored cushions.


LatnLong said...

What is the fabric that you used to recover/ remake the cushions?

Deb said...

LatnLong - I have had a couple people ask for details so I did a new post to supply them rather than a long comment.

Robert Salnick said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

(But no red wine onboard?)

s/v Eolian

Deb said...

Yeah I know...we debated a long time about the white but in the end needing the light down below won out. Scotchguard is on the way.