Sunday, February 10, 2013

Slow weekend

There isn't much for me to say about this weekend passed as I didn't actually accomplish much. On the other hand Deb about set the Sailrite aflame almost finishing yet another big-time improvement to Kintala. It's her project though, so she gets to boast about it.

The table project took another step forward with a more ridged template made of insulation board set in place.  Then friends Kacey and James accepted an invitation to be guinea pigs, sitting at the pretend-a-table and offering critique. As a result the new table will be an inch lower than the old, a couple of inches shorter, and a couple of inches wider. It will still be a rather slow project though, as decisions about materials for the table have yet to be settled. Right now we are exploring composites for added strength but less weight, a consideration with a table that has to be lifted up out of the way. But wood may still win out in the end.

One third of the way through February. Winter is getting shorter a lot faster than the project list. Which shouldn't surprise me anymore but somehow still does.

Looking forward to this again soon...

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