Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mirror Mirror...

on the lake...

Since winterizing the boat we're back to having to trudge up the dock to the restroom instead of using the head on the boat. Given my 56-year-old bladder, this happens to me frequently and at inopportune moments, such as when I'm completely buried under piles of quilts in the V-berth on a morning that I don't have to get up. A big pain for sure, but there have been many moments like this morning that I would have completely missed if I had not gotten up to trudge up to the bath house.

The water was as still as I've ever seen it. No ripples from someone stepping off their boat, no small silver fish flipping out of the water, no breeze whatsoever. There was sparkling crystals all over the boat and the canvas from the night's heavy frost, glittering in the sunlight as it just peeked over the treeline to the East.

It was a stunning morning after a wonderful evening spent with friends, followed by a quiet sail in the afternoon and topped off by this sunset -

It was the weekend everyone hopes they'll have every weekend, and I hope you all had one as well.


Robert Salnick said...

Gorgeous pix!

s/v Eolian

Deb said...

Thanks! They're pretty, but somehow you can never get the mood caught in the picture. They're always lacking.