Saturday, November 3, 2012

Interesting article if you dare to read it

BBC had an article this week by Manuel Castells in which he talks about the rise of alternative economic cultures. The parallel to full-time cruisers is remarkable and it's worth a read.

Manuel Castells on Alternate Economic Cultures

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Excellent article. In the past decade we've seen the failure of our financial systems, our government systems, educational systems, church systems, and political systems. Truly the old ways almost completely behind us in my view. It would be funny if it were not so sad so many times. For instance, I just shake my head when I hear about how the economic growth is still measured in 'new housing starts'. Really? We're still doing that when there are foreclosures sitting on almost every street, waiting to have a useful existence again? And new house prices are out of touch with most people? Again, funny if it were not so sad. Yes, this article is right on and I see the parallel with the cruising commnunity, especially those people who go cruising early in their lives and have already made the decision not to spend their lives behind a desk and then try to go have fun. Thanks for posting the article.