Sunday, November 4, 2012

Autumn sailing

Kintala stayed at the dock the weekend.  With the north wind whispering along at no better than 5 knots she would have had a tough time finding any traction.  At least that seemed like as good an excuse as any to spend Saturday lounging around the boat and finishing up on some reading.  With the club's Halloween party later as well Deb had the inside of the boat filled up making goodies.  An excuse to keep me away from the to-do list even while spending a day at the dock.  In fact, except for doing some dishes for the party clean-up crew, I didn't manage to be of much use at all, all weekend.

Which I am actually kind of pleased with, though this will have to be my last weekend of loafing.  Work will slow due to the onslaught of winter, but I have to get back at it.  The list is long, wind vane, SSB, solar / wind gen / gas or diesel gen - what ever combination we decide to go with, RADAR, oil leaks and engine clean-up, rebuild of aft cabin area, lights in the cockpit, (bought 'em months ago, not sure where they are now) hatch leaks ... I really need to get back at it. 

And though Kintala stayed at the pier, Deb and I went sailing with James and Marc on James' Hunter.  At the start there was enough wind to keep us moving with enough sun (on one tack anyway) to keep the chill at bay.  By the end both sun and breeze had been swallowed up by the overcast.  Eventually James gave in and started the motor, but a new and rather alarming vibration kept the speed at barely 2 knots.  We took a good look at the engine so see if anything obvious was amiss but nothing caught our eye.  Best guess is that an injector is fouled, but real troubleshooting will have to wait until next week.  And, since it isn't my boat, that gets added to someone else's to-do list rather than mine.  In any case, by the time we made it back to the dock the whole crew was noticing a drop in core temperature.  Autumn sailing is pretty, but it is also chilly.

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