Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nearby destinations

We had basically decided to keep Kintala at her pier this weekend as the lake level is still down; but a raft up beckoned, other 5 footers had come and gone without getting stuck, so we decided to give it a try. Turning into the channel from the marina the GPS was showing 4.8 knots at 2500 RPM - and the depth gage 0.0 feet under the keel. The boat took on a funny little pitching motion, the RPM stayed at 2500, but the GPS clocked backward ... 4.7 - 4.5 - 4.4 and finally 4.1 just as we passed the point. There the depth lept to 0.1 and the boat surged to 5.7 knots - still at 2500 RPM. We were pushing a knot and a half of mud out of the way.

The raft-up point was a short motor with the depth hovering around 3 feet the whole way, falling to a bit less than 2 as we settled into the line. Twelve sailboats, two tooners, and two power boats eventually joined the party. (We are an ecumenical group; if it floats it is welcome.) Six sailboats stayed the night. The crescent moon set early, putting on a spectacular show and then leaving the sky dark for the stars to strut their stuff.

This morning we bulled our way back down the channel early as we had an invitation to a granddaughter's fourth birthday party that we didn't want to miss. We must have found the path we plowed exiting since the speed never dropped below 4.5 on the GPS. Once in the marina though, things took a different turn. Kintala has a thing called a shoal keel, or maybe its a scheel keel, not sure - anyway it is a bit wide, flat on the bottom, and slopes from bow to stern. Backing down the fairway toward the slip I was pulling a lot of power but not going very fast. Even worse the boat was steering weird, which is saying something going backwards since, even at best, she always steers weird when going stern first. I'm sure our keel was trying to dig into the mud rather than climbing up over, and it was beginning to look like we might stop up the fairway like a cork in a bottle. We managed to press on, though I had the distinct feeling of pushing the eraser of a pencil through goo by shoving on the pointy end. Usually, about a boat length and a half from home, selecting neutral allows us an easy drift into place. Today? Neutral stopped us nearly dead in our tracks; which was okay since the stern wouldn't swing as it usually does to track just inches off the pier. Fortunately friendly hands were standing by to fend us off and then help pull us into place.

Anyone know a good rain dance? Until some H20 falls from the sky around here, Kintala is staying right were she is.

The birthday party was a hoot though.


Latitude 43 said...

I jokingly performed a rain dance one year, and we received three full weeks of cold, gray wet weather.
I was told I'd get punched out if I ever did that again. I was also forbidden from drinking scotch.

A solid week of rain while we're all at work would be OK.

Deb said...

Since you've had some success, do you think they'd let you do a rain dance for the Midwest???

No scotch? Ouch!