Friday, June 1, 2012

Home again

Last weekend was spent with Deb, Daughter Eldest, and family while awaiting the arrival of New Grand Baby Youngest.  New Grand Baby Youngest decided to take a few extra days before making his debut so Grampy-T had to bail; spending another couple of days flogging the jet to places hither and yon.  Such flogging landing yours truly in KC for Thur night where, at 0141 this morning I was chirped awake with the news New Grand Baby Youngest had decided to join us; making his entrance at 3:12.

So it is that this evening found me at Kintala for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I know this boat was clean and orderly when I left her, but spiders are industrious little creatures.  Webs and stains from countless eight-legged meals had the boat looking like a derelict.  I scrubbed off some of the offending stains before night fall (and first call at the club house) brought a halt to my efforts.  My plan is to hide in the boat come morning and avoid all temptations to go sailing.  That way I can get a little more clean up work done and then spend a full day beating on, or being beat by, the drive train repair.  The Fourth of July draws neigh, Grand Baby Youngest may usurp yet another weekend (much to my delight), and sailing on other people's boats will not get this one away from the dock.

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