Sunday, April 22, 2012


No, not on Kintala. She remains our weekend cabin, firmly attached to the dock. Additional information this week made it clear that the V-drive will have to be returned to the factory for the mounting studs to be, well, mounted. Since I have abandoned any thoughts of the Tartan being anything other than a project straight from Dante's Eighth and Ninth circle of the Marine Industry (fraud and treachery), yet another delay is just part of the punishment.

However the cabin does sit in the middle of a marina full of actual sailing boats. A lot of those are leaving the dock for their maiden voyage of the season. Deb and I managed to snag a ride on three of those this weekend. First was a sweet little Catalina whose new owners were taking her out for the first time. Relatively new to sailing they asked Deb and I along to help out. (Not sure when we became old hands who know what we are doing - but it is fun that some people think of us that way.)

 Later we went out with a friend on his new-to-him Hunter; along with his girl friend and her two kids. Once again we were along to aid in figuring out the ropes. A couple of times back and forth across the lake on an easy reach was about the perfect break-in run. Each of the kids took a turn at the helm and did a great job. Two new sailors in the works; thank you very much!

As grand as those two maiden trips were, the cake was taken this morning by Friend Thor. He has a new F-33 Tri sitting in his slip that exudes pure speed. Grey Hound has the lines of a thoroughbred to fit the name. Joel, Emily and Kacey rounded out the crew and the six of us headed out on a romp that touched 14 knots on several occasions. All of us were wearing huge smiles when we got back to the pier. When it comes to out-running the wind there is a new Sheriff afloat in lake Carlyle.

I kind of like this sailing stuff...maybe someday I'll buy a boat.

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Bill K said...

You people being "old hands" sure got me laughing, thanks for a good start to the day.

Mine is still on shore.

Bill Kelleher