Monday, April 16, 2012

My apologies

I owe an apology to Walter Machine and particularly to Don C. their chief mechanical guru. First thing this morning Don sent me an email to inform me that:

a) The vast majority of installations with their V-drive do not require additional mounts - the bell housing to tranny attachment works just fine:

b) He has no idea why Tartan decided to add the mounts: and

c) They will be glad to add the studs for us if I decide to put the additional mount brackets back on.

So I am debating; brackets / no brackets. Our bell housing has an obvious repair that suggests the V-drive might be a bit much. On the other hand, after-market spooged repairs spook me a little and I wonder if the additional mounts that far aft of the engine might not be doing more harm than good.  We have a PSS drip free seal on the shaft where they claim that engine movement will have no impact - something else to consider.  (My guess is that seal wasn't used on the original install and a leaking packing might have been part of the reason for the additional mounts in the first place.)  I can't get the drive off until next weekend at the earliest anyway, so I have time to mull it over.

In any case Walter Machine has offered to do us a solid, and I appreciate it.


Bill K said...

Do you think that maybe Don C read's your blog ? :))

All I can think to say is hang in there, it HAS to get better some day.

Bill Kelleher

TJ said...

I would be surprised if he did. If I was working in the marine business I don't think I would be reading sailing blogs in my off time. Then again, if he is, maybe he will offter to pay for the shipping?