Friday, April 6, 2012

It's definitely not aviation

I'm sure you're all tired of hearing things from an aviation perspective but, let's face it, between Tim and I we have approaching a century of aviation experience so it's a bit hard to disassociate ourselves from that outlook.  As we've mentioned before (ad nauseum), the marine industry is so fraught with unprofessional conduct that is so contradictory to the professional conduct in aviation, that we are still, even after 5 years of doing this, constantly shocked by some of the work we see.  I ran across a post that sums it up much better than I could ever possibly hope to - it's a post that is a follow-up to a post entitled "Are refits worth it?" which I commented on before.  The original post drew 48 comments and is still drawing more, so clearly this is an issue that most of us on the consumer end of the marine industry suffer from. In this new follow-up post John tells the story of a couple who purchased a new boat hoping to eliminate the refit troubles from their cruising dream. Unfortunately, they discovered that they had as many, if not more, problems than their refit counterparts.  It's an interesting read.  Please comment on their site if you've had similar difficulties.

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