Friday, March 30, 2012

Missing Pieces

In the process of looking for interior ideas for the boat, we've been looking at pictures of other Tartan 42s listed on yachtworld and  There aren't too many for sale so the pictures are few between, but on looking at one of them we discovered that we were missing a piece in our galley, a piece of counter that slides over the stove when not in use and stores down behind it when the stove is in use. The original one that came with the new boat was made of the same countertop that was in the rest of the boat, with mica on it. I wanted something I could cut directly on though, either a butcher block type of top or something similar. After a whole lot of unsuccessful searching for cutting board or butcher block we happened on a piece of cast-off corian that a contractor friend of ours had at a good price.  With a little cutting here and a little sanding there and some teak trim added, we had a replacement for the missing piece only much better. With the completion of this project I believe I can declare the galley finished. Oh wait...there was that new light bar over the spice rack to install...

Corian countertop piece that slides back and down behind the stove on a track.

Showing the counter stored down behind the stove on the track.


Sabrina and Tom said...

I have seen these one boats and thought it a good idea. Question, does it affect how much the stove can gimble? If you were in healthy seas cooking (so it would be stored back behind) then would it allow free gimbling or restrict to some extent? Just curious. It looks fabulous! Nice work.


TJ said...

Sabrinia, I wish you had asked that question before I installed the top. I just checked it though, and it does clear as long as the pot holders are installed along the frong edge of the stove and not across the back. That's only on a starboard tack, on a port tack it is fine.

Deb said...


It really doesn't matter on this stove because the way it's set up I would never cook on the back burner while we were heeled over very far. When the stove is on the gimbal there just isn't that much room for a pan there.