Friday, February 3, 2012

A must-see video

When I did the post on the weather the other day, I had been looking for a video that I had seen quite a while ago to include in the post.  I looked high and low and 20+ pages deep in Google to no avail.  After a couple emails to bloggers who I follow I was able to find the video.

This video is disturbing.  It's hard to watch, but force yourself if you can because as sailors / cruisers / racers / beachgoers / fishermen / partakers of all things nautical we have the only incentive to care about such things.  I'm generally not an activist although you wouldn't think that was the case having grown up through the 60's revolution, but this one issue hits me where it hurts - home. The video is long and uses a lot of bandwidth so it's best on a fast connection.

Are you still using plastic?

OK I'm off my soapbox.

2 comments: said...

I remember seeing that one. Yes, that hurts a lot. I cringe when I see photos of islands of plastic junk floating in the sea, or shots of a beautiful beach somewhere far away with lines of plastic trash. One little contribution we do here is to pick up whatever we find floating in Puget Sound. We use it as a 'man overboard' drill.

Deb said...

We've done the same thing in our lake as MOB practice. We have this real problem in our lake with these crazy weekend fishermen putting out fishing line hanging down from hunks of foam or bleach bottles. They let them float around and then come get them later. They are an incredible hazard to sailboats on the lake. I realize plastic does good in many places - medical issues for sure - but I would be happy if we used a lot less of it in our lives. We just don't really know the long-term effect of daily use like microwaving in plastic containers.