Friday, October 21, 2011

What did you do...

...on your fall vacation?  On Monday we pulled the V-drive.  On Tuesday we pulled the transmission.  On Wednesday we pulled the head then fabricated and installed a new piece of floor.  On Thursday we installed the pump (hardest part of the job) and ran new waste hose.  On Friday we built up and installed a way to use water drained from the sink to flush the loo (saving boat water AND keeping lake water out of the holding tank), and plumbed in a deck wash line while we were at it.  Then we put the inside of the boat back together so it looks like a boat again, not a work shop.  (Getting the pressure side of this new system to stop leaking was the second hardest part of the job.)

All week the weather was Mid Western Fall Ugly - high winds, gray skies, rain and drizzle, blustery with constantly falling temperatures.  At first, still recovering from jaw work (i.e. taking lots of drugs), with Kintala rocking and bucking at her dock lines, shoulder deep in the bilge or shoehorned into the head, there were times when I wasn't sure just which way was "UP".  But by the end of the week I didn't even notice.  This weekend?  Supposed to be two days of Mid Western Autumn Perfect - clear, cool and with just enough wind.  Maybe someone will have pity on us and take us sailing?  I could use a break from vacation.

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