Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting a Head

From day one we knew that Kintala was going to need a new Throne in the Head.  Green fuzz was growing out of seals, the base was water damaged and deteriorating (and storing stink), and we couldn't keep the water level down in the bowl.  Weeks ago a new Lavac system landed in our garage and went to the top of the work list; only to be bumped by leaking hatches that ended up at overhaul, then bumped again by the trashed V-drive, that also ended up in overhaul (we hope), then bumped a third time by the demise of our transmission.  Today though, with nothing but a big hole in the bilge where the V-drive and tranny used to reside and no pressing deeds to be done in the engine compartment (fingers crossed), swapping out the head finally got started.

 Bye Bye old head

Hello beautiful new Lavac Popular Manual Head

Not finished, not yet.  In a lot of ways the work is really a two person job stuffed into a one person space.  So mostly what got done today was getting the old unit and associated hoses removed and the new base built.  Originally that base was going to be 1/2" Starboard, but the more we looked at it the less comfortable we were with the idea of it carrying the expected loads in the expected environment.  As it turns out Schmitty had ordered a Corian piece to use as a bow seat on Alcestis; a piece that turned out to be a serious case of overkill in both size and weight.  Our Starboard was perfect for his use, his Corian perfect for ours, and so a deal was struck.

Kintala may not have a V-drive.  She may not have a tranny.  Her hatches are still covered in plywood and duct tape.  Take a seat on the Throne though, and your little fanny will be supported by the finest, one-inch thick, custom cut and fitted piece of Corian that has ever found its way into a head.

When we finally do get to go, we intend to go in style!


Bill K said...

Now that was a good deal. :))

Bill Kelleher

Deb said...

Yes it was and it's officially finished today! Yay!!!