Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Visit

All I wanted was just enough wind to put the sails up for my three visiting grandkids so I could maybe, just maybe, help them to understand what it is I love so much about this thing we're doing,  but then this is Carlyle Lake and on Carlyle Lake it's always either too much wind, or none.

After loading my middle daughter, her very patient husband and the three kids on the boat we motored out to Cole's Creek to swim away the afternoon, hoping that some wind would build by the time we were done so we could sail back to the marina.  Four hours of sweltering heat later there was not even a whisper of wind, so we motored on back.  After indulging in the scrumptious fare of the annual Boulder Yacht Club hog roast benefit they took off for home and within an hour we were heeling over at the dock under 38kt winds and a tremendous thunderstorm.  Ahhh well.  We'll have to wait a few weeks and try again.

We did have a wonderful day of playing with the kids on the boat, exploring the cabins and testing out each berth (Mary's favorite is the Pilot Berth), steering with Grampy T (Michael would much rather race a power boat I believe), having noodle races around the boat (Catherine is clearly the winner here), and swimming fast to evade the Grampy Shark attacks.  Most of our families think we're just plain nuts selling everything and moving onto 400 sq. ft. of sailboat, but today at least 2 of them were pretty interested in the goings on and very disappointed that they weren't going to get to sleep in one of the rocking berths for the night. 

Sailing is cool :)

No...I think I like this one.

Let's see... I like this one.

Picnic lunch under the sunshade

Going backwards is the hardest.

Hmmmm...not impressed with the lake water or the super cool raft boat.
And the winner of the round-the-boat race is...Catherine.
The Grampy Shark chasing Mary

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Sabrina and Tom said...

No wind but it still looks like a lot of fun. Super cute pics!