Friday, September 9, 2011

Peace and Quiet

It's late Friday night and Tim's in the middle of his 12 day stint of flying so I'm here on Kintala by myself.  It's also the end of a day of fog and mist and steady rain in the area so The Assembled are few and the marina is atypically quiet.  No 3am party, no party boat loudspeaker, no a/c running 24/7, and even the carp seem to have deserted the marina for wherever it is they go in the fall.  The season is clearly winding down.

I spent the day on a canvas job for another marina resident making a window covering for the forward, highly slanted window on a Hunter 33.  With some Tori Amos on Pandora, the sewing  machine hum and the pattering of the rain on the deck, it was a pretty pleasant day on the boat, albeit just a tad lonely without Tim here.  It was my first project using Sailrite's Stamoid fabric, a vinyl-covered fabric that has many uses besides the snap-on window covering I made today.  It's very flexible and easy to cut and sew.  I was pretty impressed with it.  Here's some pictures of the finished product, although keep in mind that it was dark, raining and I took the pictures with my phone.

For those of you doing your own canvas, I highly recommend Sailrite's Press and Snap tool.  It was worth every penny I spent on it and then some. 

Off to bed.  Hopefully it won't rain too much more tonight because we still haven't licked the leaking hatches yet and I'm sleeping under one of them....

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Sabrina and Tom said...

Nice work. I have looked at that snap tool but wasn't sure. Thanks for the write up.