Thursday, August 25, 2011

Roll the Rope

From my Eldest Daughter:

"Christopher is out helping Brian take clothes off of our clothes line. Christopher to Brian (overheard through the window): "I need to roll up the rope like Granpa T does."

I like to tell people that I started working on airplanes when I was 13, flying when I was 15, and never amounted to much after that. Hard to tell what my life would have been was there a marina as close to my growing up place as there was an FBO. I suppose I would be worth about the same either way. Start them young, that's what I say.

Monday is supposed to be day 1 of a 4 day, 8 leg, 2500NM run south to the coast, east to the coast, back to the south coast, and home. That big nasty of a hurricane should be well north of where the passengers want to be when they want to be there and shouldn't pose a problem. At least not to me, and not this trip. It does give one pause though. In the not too distant future this is just about the time of year Deb and I hope to be poking around that piece of the world, say the upper third of the Chesapeake or maybe a bit further north like Long Island sound. One of the reasons to be that far north is to avoid things like hurricanes. Where are all the sailboats going to go to hide from this one? Where is the nearest "hurricane hole" to Boston or the Big Apple? Given the track of this thing it seems likely to beat up more cruising sailboats than has any other storm in the history of the world.

With the Monday departure and still being tender from the dental work we decided to head to the lake a day early. I admit to feeling a bit of pressure from the to-do list, having missed getting much accomplished in the last month. I hope to make a furious flog the next couple of days. Odd how little it takes to make the world look a lot better. We are at the boat, there are projects to tackle, "how much will I hurt today" is no longer the first thought of the morning, and my grandson wants to roll up the rope, just like Grandpa T.

I really do want to get Kintala into big water, and run away from hurricanes if I have to.

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