Sunday, August 28, 2011

How do you spell relief?


With all the work needing to be done on the boat, and the incredibly well functioning air conditioning unit on her, we'd gotten out of the habit of coving out at Cole's Creek, mostly because we were so tired after the long days of work that it just didn't seem worth it to sail down there and then sail right back in the morning to work again.  We had headed out to the marina a day early this week because we had so much catching up to do, and after a sleepless night Thursday thanks to our fishy friends constant tapping and scraping, we plodded through our work list.  Come evening, I told Tim I just couldn't go through another night like that and we headed down there enjoying the setting sun.

We watched the sun set, had a good meal, and turned in to the V-berth.  As I closed my eyes I nearly thought I'd gone deaf.  It was utterly, completely silent, save for the occasional hoot of the owl in the woods off Cole's Creek.   It was such blessed relief that we went back there again last night.  We woke to the first sighting of the white pelicans for this season enjoying the thermal off the nearby fields, and a fantastic display of nature in the form of a huge hawk diving the lake for its breakfast.  It was wonderful to be reminded why it is we're doing this.  We decided then and there that no matter how much work we have to do to the boat in the marina during the day, we're heading to Cole's Creek for the evening.  Now, can anyone of you entrepreneur types come up with some creative way to use about 10 million marina-dwelling carp so we can work in peace?

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