Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bad Influence

We went sailing again today just to make sure I didn't fold and actually open a toolbox. With light winds and still being a bit sore from yesterday's tacking practice, we elected to fly just the screacher and main. Friend Lynn went along to see what it takes to make a big(er) sailboat go. She owns a powerboat and allowed, by the end of the day, that sailing looks like a lot of work.

The wind was pretty much behind us as we turned for home, so we dropped the main to let the big headsail get a full purchase. We thought about setting the whisker pole and made a half-hearted stab at rigging it. But things got out of hand pretty quickly so we put that thing away for another day. Near the inlet a friend went by going the other way, hard on the wind, and also flying just a big headsail. Deb went to the bow to get some pictures so I turned to give chase and hardened up the sheet.

I'm not a racer. After years of sailing on Nomad I am quite content to let other boats squirt past me like I'm sitting in the doldrums. But apparently Kintala has some thoroughbred in her and doesn't like looking at the stern of another boat. Within minutes I had to pick a side for passing, which is something I don't think I've ever had to think about before. I went low. It would take a truly evil person to go high, sweep past a friend's boat just feet away, and then rob him of his wind. Truly evil...but it was seriously tempting.

Kintala just might be a bad influence.

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Sabrina and Tom said...

Zoom, Zoom. Sounds like you had a great sail.

Sabrina & Tom
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