Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slow motion math

"Going slow" is the catch-phrase for this weekend. Fact is we haven't gone anywhere at all, going slow is what we do around the boat and the marina. Various inside / outside projects have consumed the weekend. As everyone knows (with refresher lessons coming about once a week) any boat project will take at least 3 times as long as a similar project not on a boat. Now add the motion-through-molasses of triple-digit temps.

My big project was replacing the interior trim shattered while we were stepping the mast: (((Fit + measure + cut) * 4) + ((sand + finish) * 3) + ((measure + drill + screw + plug + sand + finish) * 3)) + motion-through-molasses = inside of the boat looks a lot better / ass dragging ^2.

Deb got some projects done as well though much of her time was lost in the labyrinth of chain size & type v windlass gypsy. And people say flying a LNAV / VNAV approach is confusing? I got a headache just listening to her describe what she found. We are also trying to decide just how much chain is enough. So far we have heard (read) opinions that range from 30 feet anchor to line rode + how ever much line you like = anchor nealy anywere; to too much anchor chain = 1/0. (Clearly the opinion of someone with a huge boat and a bank account to match. Have you priced chain lately?)

We will figure it out eventually. And we can sit in the A/C while we think about it.

Works for me.

What doesn't work for me is the sheer lunacy that seems to be stalking our world this weekend. From the apparent complete abandonment of the idea that the US government should actually, well, govern; to the heart wrenching attack in Norway; to assaults on birthday and skating parties; I find myself lookout out from the deck of Kintala across a quiet lake and wondering what comes next? It is hard to imagine that things can get much worse, yet every day they seem to do just that. It is a wonder that every sane person on the planet isn't trying to move onto a sailboat if, for no other reason small + moving + distance = smaller + moving target for the nut-cases.

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