Friday, July 8, 2011


Bozo the Idiot of "The Incident" fame got me a bit more cranked up than usual; and I started to ponder that a bit. I suspect we all run across this kind of ignorance/incompetence on a regular basis, I know I do. Usually I shrug it off without much effort, normally even giving the culprit some benefit of the doubt. We all have off days and we all take turns adding a bit of "that was dumb" to the workings of the world. I ride motorcycles on public roads and long ago gave up taking the actions of car drivers as a personal affront. Why the musings of thrashing this particular dim-wit?

Maybe its because his actions were deliberately calculated to do damage to people who had done him no harm? Much like the worm-turd who launched the laser attack on us a few months ago, I just can't get my head around that kind of action.

Maybe its because he boasted about being a 767 pilot and dismissed the idea that I just might be his equal? (A friend pointed me out during the verbal exchange.) Given his clear inability to control his machine, and the questionable character of a person who moons a collection of teen-aged girls, Bozo doesn't even measure up to the student pilots I used to work with at the University. I hope he isn't a Captain on those 767s, and I hope none of them fly over my house even if he is the FO. (Rumor has it Bozo flied for Japan Airways; a carrier with a serious reputation for excellence. If his Chief Pilot had been on one of our boats, my guess is Bozo would be looking for a job.)

Maybe having family on the boat, including a 2 year old grandson, (any of whom could have been easily injured by the wake hit) is why this one is a bit more personal than even the laser blast? It is our nature to protect family first. This guy assaulted mine and there was nothing I could do to protect them.

Whatever it was, it has taken a considered effort on my part to let this one go. The sad reality is that human ignorance is as much a part of nature as thunderstorms and big waves. Gaining a little wisdom (and putting chips in Mr. Vigor's Black Box) comes from accepting that surviving people is as much about preparation and attitude as is surviving the sea. Even though the winds were calm and the lake quiet, we rafted up with bow, stern and spring lines, and set multiple anchors. Short of ramming us head long Bozo couldn't have damaged our boats even though he tried. We put chips in the Black Box, and it paid off almost immediately.

And Bozo? He gets dismissed, a bit of bothersome in the world like snakes or stray dogs. They might bite and are best avoided if possible. What one does if they can't be avoided...well...that comes down to one's own background and attitude. No two moments in life are ever exactly the same, so no one response is ever right for more than one moment. But I will keep an eye out for Bozo's big, yellow, zoom-zoom boat. Some caution is usually a good idea, even when dealing with worm-turd.

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polehiker said...

I am with you, as most of us have had dealings with ignorant acting people I have learned to ignore them. Although I question where there origins come from.